Terrorist Organizations

Terrorist Organizations - Terrorist Organizations AL-AQSA...

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Terrorist Organizations AL-AQSA MARTYRS BRIGADE Became FTO on March 27, 2002 Consists of Palestine militants, however NOT controlled by Fatah. Operate autonomously, no leadership Focuses attacks on Israel and Gaza Strip Location: West Bank and Gaza NO resources, Iran has been exploitating them ANSAR AL-Islam Salafi terrorist group that is trying to get rid of US occupation in Iraq Established in 2001 in Iraqi Kurdistan (merged with two Kurdish factions) Changed named to Ansar al-Sunna in 2003 to appeal to a broader Sunni jihad; then changed it back to Ansar al-Islam Has ties with Al-Qaeda One of the largest Sunni terrorist groups in Iraq. Location: northern Iraq Receives aid from middle east and Europe AUM SHINRIKYO
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Became FTO on October 8, 1997 Initiated to take over Japan and then the world, but then began to emphasize the end of the world Group split into two: Hikari No Wa (Circle of Light) and Aleph (who distant himself from violent and apocalyptic teachings) March 1995, released chemical nerve agent sarin on Tokyo subway trains Has not conducted terrorist attacks since 1995 Asahara founding leader Teachings have spread to Russia (200 members), 1500 in Japan. Location: Japan and now 300 members in Russia. No external aid HAMAS Became FTS on Oct 8, 1997 Better known as Islamic Resistance Movement Has military and political wings Formed in late 1987 from the first Palestine uprising (Intifada)
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Terrorist Organizations - Terrorist Organizations AL-AQSA...

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