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Unformatted text preview: Author Elmer Kelton brings a quite introspective and knowledgeable insight into the emerging American character “taming the West” and also into the fading Great Plains natives by following a soldier’s story from both sides of the cultural conflict. As he states in his intro, the Comanche’s “way of life was collapsing with an awesome suddenness”. In contrast the integrating African-American population “was on the ascent , gradually acquiring confidence and self-esteem”. Both cultures are treated fairly according to the standards of their age. The Native Americans of the West are accurately depicted as a whole entirely separate world with completely different ideals and future than their contemporary “Americans”. The figure Gray Horse belongs to a tribe of Comanches , who have controlled the Great Plains areas of Texas and it’s peripheral parts where they live off buffalo. His whole culture is based on hunting and killing – both the bison and other enemy nations like the Apaches. The men were like Spartans in that they were all warriors if they other enemy nations like the Apaches....
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