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Confederate Texas2 - Confederate Texas(Lecture 2 I Banks...

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Confederate Texas (Lecture 2) I. Banks Moves Against the Lower Rio Grande Valley A. Banks headquartered in New Orleans and wants to attack Texas again i. Explains to Lincoln administration that an attack through southern LA would present a lot of difficulties that would be compounded by retreating confederate forces B. Banks led the mission by himself – landed on island without any resistance and flew Union flag over Texas C. Wrote to tell Lincoln of success and ask for reinforcements – administration said that Banks had enough forces on hand and didn’t mention any praise for his accomplishment D. Brownsville falls and many other followed – many of these occupations were just symbolic – union just flew their flag E. Banks writes to Lincoln saying that union could control the state whenever they want now and continued to say why his way of moving into Texas from the lower Rio Grande was the right way to go instead of through the Red River II. Unionist Sentiment in Texas *** A. Prominent union politicians (Throckmorton) eventually fought for Confederacy B. Houston and Peas and Burnett simply retired from politics C. John Hancock, Neaucomb, Davis, Hamilton pledged services to Lincoln and the Union D. Hamilton becomes military governor of Texas by Lincoln E. Strongest around Lower Rio, Hill Country, San Antonio, counties along Red River F. Fredericksburg – Germans organize Union Loyal League to fight against Indians and secession i. Confederates think they are just doing this to avoid confederate draft
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Confederate Texas2 - Confederate Texas(Lecture 2 I Banks...

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