Exam 2 Possible IDs

Exam 2 Possible IDs - Exam 2 Possible IDs 1 Walkers Texas...

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Exam 2 Possible IDs 1. Walker’s Texas Division *** A. Largest combat division of Texans in the war. They were the only confederate infantry division composed of men entirely from one state (except walker who was from Missouri). They are significant because they were the only division of Texans that fought in the eastern theater. They helped win 4 major battles and gained respect from Robert E. Lee. 2. Sibley’s New Mexico Campaign (Valdeverde, Glorieta Pass) *** A. Sibley went into New Mexico with 2,500 men. They won the battle of Valverde but were forced to abandon New Mexico and retreat to Texas when a supply train from Glorieta Pass broke down. This was significant because it ended confederate dreams of expanding west. Also, the men that served under Sibley did not trust him and believed it was his drinking that led to the failed mission so when many of the men fought at the Battle of Galveston, they wanted revenge on the federals. 3. The Battle of Galveston (January 1, 1863) *** A. Federals extend their blockade to include Texas and occupy Galveston. However, there are too few to control the island so they retreat to the wharf in the middle of the night for safety. Confederate general Magruder was determined to take Galveston back so enlisted the help of 300 men from Sibley’s failed NM Campaign. Land and sea forces attacked Galveston and the confederates take back Galveston. Although federals were able to reestablish the blockade, Galveston remained in Confederate hands for the rest of the war. Federals are embarrassed of this episode and throughout the war try and recapture Galveston from Confederate troops. 4. Dick Dowling and the Battle of Sabine Pass (September 8, 1863) *** A. Federals under Franklin leave New Orleans in hopes of retaking Galveston while Dowling commanded the Confederate troops. After 45 minutes of battle Franklin orders his troops back to New Orleans and there is no other attempt to attack Texas from the Sabine Pass for the rest of the war. This battle was significant because it raised Confederate morale, saves Texas from invasion, was a severe blow to northern morale, and augmented doubts of how efficient the Union navy was. Dowling’s defense of the pass was also one of the most impressive episodes of the war. 5. Unionist Sentiment in Texas *** A. In Fredericksburg many Germans organized the Union Loyal League to fight against Indians and secession and many Confederates think they are just doing it to avoid the Confederate draft. The Nueces River Massacre happened when Tagaon leads people to flee Texas through Mexico to go to Louisiana but soon Confederates captured the expedition. Confederates would shoot those who were lying wounded on the ground. In turn, the unionists retaliate by ambushing the Confederates and raids became very common with both sides losing a lot from these attacks. This episode was significant because a monument was erected at Comfort to honor those who had fallen and it fueled many Hill Country Germans to be Republican during Reconstruction and
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onwards. Once confederate forces started to dwindle down, there was a lot of
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Exam 2 Possible IDs - Exam 2 Possible IDs 1 Walkers Texas...

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