HISTORY - Lecture1 October 6th missing October 8th 21:01...

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Lecture 1  21:01 October 6 th - missing October 8 th Banks Moves against the Lower Rio Grande Valley -Brazos Santiago island; encountered no resistance -Banks hung the flag of the Union; mission a success -Brownsville fell to Confed general Meade? -Banks had many successful occupations; Union could take Texas -most successfully invaded by Rio; Lincoln didn’t follow this suggestion, continued invading from the north and red river Unionist Sentiment in Texas/Nueces River Massacre/ “Treue der Union”/Monument at Comfort/ “Great Hanging at Gainsville” - Considerable unionist sentiment in texas; peases, Houston, burnett etc. retired from politics -hancock, Haynes, newcomb, pledged services to union and Lincoln -other group ended up fighting for confed any way -strongest along the lower rio, germans in hill country, san Antonio, the counties along the red river who opposed secession, travis -thought the __ League was to avoid the Confederate draft -both sides eventually had to resort to the draft Nueces massacre -German Uniionists under Traeger were massacred by a confederate force at nueces river; Germans out manned and out gunned; MCrae organized a party to search for survivors; drew his revolver and shot each of the wounded men; stripped of clothes and boots and left to rot; the others not wounded were hanged or shot -Monument erected in their memory with the words true der union or restore our union; -honors the slain union loyalists in comfort texas great hanging at gainsville: -least savory aspects of tx history -martial law proclaimed in cook county -tons of “brush” soldiers Mexican Americans in the Confed Army/Battle of Laredo -Gen Cortina Battle of Laredo -transfer point for the cotton trade once Brownsville had fallen -defended by Col Benavides; highest ranking tejano in confed army -unionist led by Gen Davis -Benavides was able to drive the greater force of Davis back across the Rio into mexico and they went into a full retreat
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most texans supported confed and suffered less economically than the rest of the confed states; bc of illegal cotton trade with mexico Red river Campaign of 1864 - Taylor and smith, burned up the cotton - retreated to Pleasant Hill, LA -Banks retreated down Red River to the MS -had a victory, but turned into a strateigic defeat of the Union army -bloody battle at Jenkins Ferry, but were still able to repulse the Confed attack; 2 confed generals killed, 1 badly injured; steele was able to continue his retreate to Little Rock -no more attempt to take Texas by the union -Zouave troops entertained the Texan troops; and they mocked them -an incentive for undertaking this campaign in the first place was the Union desire to take vast amounts of Confederate cotton -very repugnant and entered upon without grace -Union didn’t achieve any of its goals Battle of Palmetto Ranch October 13 th Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan- most influential years in American political history; only the civil war and the new deal can rival them -why couldn’t the north impose its will on the south
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HISTORY - Lecture1 October 6th missing October 8th 21:01...

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