How did the Freedmen - violence escalates • Lack of...

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How did the Freedmen's Bureau work? Organized in the southern states for the purpose of protecting freedman’s rights by organizing and superintending the labor system and promoting black education What difficulties did Bureau officials face in remote areas (here focus on the Sub-district agent and Sub assistant commissioner)? Maintaining peace between races o Violence against blacks was common but Bureau could do little without support of the army and local law enforcement o Violence usually result of disputes between blacks and whites over un-paid wages Bureau tries to fight by problem by enforcing labor contracts Bureau could do little without help from army and local authorities Whites acquitted/Blacks convicted because local authorities refused to put blacks in jury pools Most of time violator ignore court summons because of lack of army and unwillingness of sheriffs to apprehend accused whites Lack of military support o Military withdraws numbers of troops after the occupation of Texas, soon after
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Unformatted text preview: violence escalates • Lack of support by local officials and citizens o Locals official conflict with bureau and in some cases resign, leaving more responsibility on the hands of bureau agents who are already overwhelmed o Locals refuse to work for Bureau due to racism and fear of violence towards bureau agents/ agents unable to recruit a much needed workforce • Confusion and headaches over registering whites and black to vote o Bureau agents overwhelmed by registering blacks and qualifying white to vote • Lack of funding o Lack of funding makes black education and expansion of offices difficult o Black education is had to be funded by the impoverished black community Unable to rent or build school houses or pay teachers o Bureau had a hard time funding more offices to expand protection of black in rural areas How does answering the above two questions help to explain both 1) how the Bureau itself failed and 2) how "we lost the peace after the civil war?"...
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How did the Freedmen - violence escalates • Lack of...

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