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Populist Vanguard: The Southern Farmers’ Alliance I. Origins of the Southern Farmers’ Alliance A. Internal transfer of wealth B. Many forced into bankruptcy but few decided to just fall back and let stuff go bad C. Replaced Grange and Greenback party as platform for agrarianism D. Grange laid work by forming awareness E. Founded in Texas in 1875 F. Local farmers and stockman combine to take vigilante action G. Partisan Greenbacks try to influence politics into movement and that breaks it up H. A year later the alliance gets back together I. Grange leaders didn’t realize why the Alliance organization had more participants – alliance members went out to recruit more participants II. “The Cleburne Demands” / Waco Meeting (Dr. Charles W. Macune) A. Annual convention held of Texas Farmers’ Alliance in Cleburne B. Principle objective to end shameful abuses that industrial class is now feeling at the hand of arrogant capitalists and powerful corporations C. Drew up list of demands that showed what the farmers and Cleburne wanted D. Committee show demands to Texas legislature so they could pass them E. Political stance at Cleburne convention almost killed the alliance because people were saying that they were going to be a 3 rd party F. Waco meeting in January 1877 i. Macune determined to unite the cotton belt ii. Economic salvation and expand state alliance into national organization iii. Macune’s speech makes other states join iv. Elect Macune president of alliance v. Then sent forth organizers to cover the cotton states vi. Attacked credit system and wanted to punish those who employed the credit
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Populist Vanguard - Populist Vanguard: The Southern Farmers...

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