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Presidential Reconstruction (Lecture 1) I. The Importance of the Reconstruction Years A. Most influential in American political history since launching of new government i. Only Civil War years or FDR’s New Deal can rival in importance B. Blacks freed and became American citizens C. Black adult males get to vote D. Republican party establishes itself in South for the first time Lincoln didn’t get one electoral vote from 15 slave states name wasn’t on ballot in 10 states E. In 1887 South emerged as enduring part of Democratic Party the “Solid South” i. Stay Democratic till after WWII F. Central question Why was the North so powerful in the Civil War and unable to impose its will on the defeated South? i. One of greatest problems with Reconstruction historiography is as good as what could have happened II. Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan (Military Governors, Emancipation Proclamation, 10% Plan) *** A. Lincoln and Congress disagreed on what to do with Confederacy i. Lincoln thought it was an Executive responsibility a. Believed reconstruction preformed by encouraging the establishment of loyal provisional state governments as military occupation of South progressed b. Speedy restoration of national authority with as little friction as possible c. Get rebel states in proper practical relations – sole action of government is to get them in this practical relationship B. Military Governors i. In 1862 after union armies had occupied portions of Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Louisiana – Lincoln appointed military governors to provide means of maintaining security to loyal inhabitants unions until they could replace rebel governments with governments that were in accordance with the United States’ constitution ii. Roughin stated – Edward Stanly a former Whig congressman appointed military governor of North Carolina by Lincoln – hoped he would meet is proper reward and be hung. iii. Andrew Johnson was always surrounded by Yankee soldiers to protect him against assassination iv. May 23, 1862 Stanly leaves New York to Newborn – accompanied by 16 confederate POW a. Releases several confederate prisoners to aid in good relations (bring back Carolina to the union) v. Many in Newborn do not believe Stanly is actually coming – thought to be under Arrest in California due to sentiment to South
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a. They are surprised and insulted to find otherwise b. Even his own family was upset c. The Stanly home became headquarters for union general Burnside – bring Carolina out of descent willingly was the hope C. Emancipation Proclamation i. Following Antietam preliminary Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln wanted to wait to victory so it wouldn’t seem like he was appealing to blacks for help instead of vice versa a. Gave rebel states till end of the year to return to the Union with slavery in tact None gave in ii. January 1, 1860
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Presidential Reconstruction1 - Presidential...

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