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Presidential Reconstruction2 - Presidential Reconstruction...

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Presidential Reconstruction (Lecture 2) I. Joint Committee on Reconstruction *** A. Congress not met since Lincoln’s assassination – Johnson had time free of congressional supervision to pursue his own reconstruction plan even though he received a few letters from members in congress saying that he shouldn’t act so hastily B. Republican majority agreed not to seat members of congress from seceded states and to appoint a Joint Committee on Reconstruction (9 members of house and 6 senators) to hold hearings to acquire on situation of the southern states and if they those members would be appropriate to go to congress and then the committee would report back to congress C. Until the committee met, no southern state could seat their senators/representatives D. Representatives want guarantees from southern states II. Guarantees from the Southern States A. Constitutional Amendment repudiating Confederate debt B. Leader rebels be denied ballot and be disqualified from office C. Federal recognition and protection for blacks D. Reduction of Southern representation in House and electoral votes i. Want to keep republicans as the majority party ii. Blacks used to be counted as 3/5 but now counted as a whole person a. In the South they still couldn’t vote but they were counted in population to get more House seats and electoral votes iii. Give South a choice a. Either give all blacks votes or make Constitutional amendment that if they didn’t include adult black males they wouldn’t get counted in population This meant that Republicans would be able to hold onto control because some of the Southern states had black majorities III. Thaddeus Stevens’ Land Confiscation Plan A. Striking at elite of pre-war B. “The bottom rail on top” C. Every adult black male would get 40 acres of land D. If we don’t furnish them with land and protect them then we might as well left them in slavery E. Couldn’t get anyone on board of his plan confiscating private property with no compensation F. Favored keeping the South and unorganized territory G. Did not favor black suffrage afraid votes would be controlled by former masters still not mentally emancipated
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Presidential Reconstruction2 - Presidential Reconstruction...

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