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Sam and Anti-Sam: The Texas Politics, 1836-1861 (Lecture 1) I. Politics in the Republic of Texas 1836-1845 (Presidential Election of 1836, 1838 , 1841 , 1844) A. Placed emphasis on personalities rather than principles i. Sam Houston (Eastern Texas) or Anti-Sam Houston (Western Texas) B. Presidential Election of 1836 i. Followed defeat of Santa Anna at San Jacinto ii. Houston came as close to being a national hero in Texas as he could – ran on his victory at San Jacinto iii. Houston easily defeated Austin a. 5,919 to 587 popular votes iv. Austin named Secretary of State in October a. Died in December v. Henry Smith – outpolled Austin but lost in landslide to Houston a. Smith – Secretary of Treasury b. Served in Texas Congress before going to California for gold fever and died in bed by mysterious disease in California C. Presidential Election of 1838 *** i. Provision in Texas Constitution – President cannot succeed himself a. Can run again in subsequent elections ii. Houston’s VP Lamar = front runner for President a. Platform – remedies for Houston’s mistakes iii. Houston followers’ candidates tended to commit suicide a. The one who didn’t commit suicide was Bob Wilson iv. Lamar wins – at inauguration Houston comes and speaks for 2 hours talking about the success of his own administration v. Lamar pissed so has aide say his speech for him D. Presidential Election of 1841 *** i. Houston v. VP Burnett ii. Burnett eluded to Houston’s incompetence a. Incompetence/cowardly behavior at San Jacinto Fled by instinct, fought by compulsion Houston in runaway scrape and forced by men’s choice to fight Santa Anna instead of continuing retreat to Seguin River iii. Burnett also talked a lot about Houston’s drinking iv. Houston accused Burnett of debauchery a. Said that Burnett also drinks a lot and therefore he is a hypocrite for talking about Houston’s drinking b. You say a lot of shit about other people but forget that you are not perfect and have made a hell of a lot mistakes c. Also called Burnett an Indian name that meant “hog thief” v. Austin paper (Texas Sentinole) said that Houston bragged that within 3 years capital Austin would again become feeding ground for cattle vi. Houston won huge majority of votes a. 7,915 to 3,619
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vii.Old Sam H. with all his faults seems to be the only man for Texas – newspaper writer E. Presidential Election of 1844 i. Houston not eligible ii. VP Burleson v. Secretary of State Jones iii. Few concrete political issues and lacked clear partisan issues of other elections iv. Said that Jones was just a stand in for Houston a. Pissed off Jones – although he wanted to continue some of Houston’s programs he never trusted him – said that Houston was an opium addict during battle of San Jacinto b. Considered himself his own man – repelled by Houston’s egotism
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Sam and Antisam1 - Sam and Anti-Sam The Texas Politics...

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