Texas Exam 2 notes - Confederate Texas (Lecture 1) I. Texas...

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Confederate Texas (Lecture 1) I. Texas Contributions in Manpower to the Confederacy and the Union A. Texans respond enthusiastically to Davis’s request for men B. More than 2/3 cavalry – infantry difficult because “no Texan walks a yard if they can help it” i. Shortage of infantry – take away horses and become infantry C. Supply themselves – wide array of artillery and uniforms – uniforms some shade of grey but the similarities end there i. Some degree of uniformity happen when prisoners produce a bunch of yards of cloth in which to make uniforms D. Three regiments of Texas troops are the only to serve in eastern theater i. Davis says “troops from other states have reputation to gain, you have a reputation to keep – remember the Alamo” E. 68,500 Texans – probably included some duplicates F. Texans fought in more theaters of war than any other southerners – fought on every battlefield G. A little over 2,000 join union army – 47 are black H. Two full generals out of 8 in confederate army were from Texas II. Famous Texas Confederate Unite A. East i. Hood’s Texas Brigade a. Only Texas troops to serve in Virginia b. Won acclaim from every general that encountered them c. Reputation of fierce fighting d. Lee considered them his most valuable shock force when attacking and those that could best defend him when retreating e. Best and most renown troops fighting in Army of Northern Virginia f. When first organized was comprised of 1 st , 4 th , and 5 th Texas regiments – all infantry Not enough to form brigade – join with 18 th Georgia 18 units of South Carolina join brigade Arkansas regiment take over for Georgia g. In 1862 Hood replaced 1 st commander Wigfall who had been elected to confederate senate h. Takes the tightest orders to keep them in line i. Hood wins them over almost immediately but when got to Virginia said that they could veto any appointment that involved them j. Texas brigade always associated with Hood even after he left k. Broke union lines at Gainesville l. Brilliant counter attack (Battle of the Wilderness) save Army of Northern Virginia Lee was going to lead the attack – Texans say they won’t go unless Lee goes to the rear m. Hood’s aggressive leadership and Brigade’s fierce fighting style came at a price – many died in battle n. Brigade decimated at Antietam 64% casualty rate
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1 st division led charge – had 81% casualty rate o. When Lee surrenders – of original 4,000 only 476 were left B. West i. Terry’s Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry) a. Littlefield apart of this ii. Ross’s Cavalry Brigade iii. Granbury’s Texas Infantry Brigade a. Did fighting in Army of Tennessee b. All captured in battle of Arkansas post Once released no officers wanted them because they raised the white flag at this battle and surrendered Commander of Tennessee army decided to take them iv. Second Texas Infantry a. Served in Shiloh C. Trans-Mississippi i. Sibley’s Brigade ii. Third Texas Cavalry
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Texas Exam 2 notes - Confederate Texas (Lecture 1) I. Texas...

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