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Texas 1845-1914 Brown The Texas Revolution 9/1/09 Lecture 1 of 3: Anglo American Migration into Texas/Stephen F. Austin/Origins of the Texas Rangers anglos under leadership of stephen f. austin & other empressarios (contractors) came mainly for land. Mexan officials allowed this for population of the sparse land & then a buffer between the indians. Austin was a master diplomat, workahaulic who could be paternalistic, a life long batchelor, obsessively driven to his calling that he saw as the americanization of texas. Son of moses Austin. 4,11,1823 Austin's colony in spanish was approved. THey would get 4,605 acres a piece and none would pay taxes for 6 years. Also received 100,000 acres for his personal use. He was given the title civil commendante by the spanish government. Settlers agreed to spanish law & pretty much the Roman Catholic church, but being so far out, the colony was pretty much untouched by the mexican government. Texas Rangers existed before texas did first company was called together in may 1823 were intended to protect the settlers from indian attack and outlaws. Conflicts between the American Settlers and MExican officials/Fredonian Rebellion of 1826/Law of April 6, 1830 Fredion rebellion was led by Haden Edwards who sought to separate his colony from Texas. Fredionia got opposition from not only Mexico, but Austin & the rebells fled the town when opposition came in. The fredonia revolt sparked Mexican concern about the United States being interested in the land, and the large # of anglos 4:1 against Anglos led to mexican law of 1830 which prohibited any additional anglo immigrants coming to Texas. Protests and Skirmishing at Anahuac on Galveston Bay/Clash at Velasco in 1832
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Texas+1845-1914+Lecture+1 - Texas 1845-1914 Brown The Texas...

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