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The Texas Revolution Lecture Two 9/3/2009 The Texas Revolution Cont’d. General Lopez de Santa Anna sweeps North with the Mexican Army Toward San Antonio in the winter of 1835-1836. After suppressing revolts in other states, Santa Anna pushed North across the Rio Grande toward San Antonio without adequate supplies, medical staff & only two priests. Many recruits were non Spanish speaking Indians & Santa Anna was jealous & suspicious of his lower officers. Mexican invasion was two pronged: bulk under Santa Anna going to San Antonio, the other under Urreas taking the coastal road to Goliad. Unbenounsed to Texas they advanced and Texas was unprepared. Sam Houston ordered Jim Bowie to San Antonio with orders to demolish the Alamo, abandon San Antonio and withdraw Tx forces to Gonzales. Bowie gave the orders to Neil who had been left in charge of the San Antonio forces of 80 men. Bowie estimated it would take 1000 men to defend the Alamo. However, neither Bowie, nor Neil were willing to follow Houston’s orders. Officially stating that there was no transport for the cannons, but they really believed that the future of Texas depended on keeping San Antonio from the Mexicans. Davy Crocket and additional men rode in with forces to back up the 80 men making it around 140 men. Travis wrote: it is the KEY of texas. The siege of the Alamo (February 23-March 6 1836) The Mexican army under Santa Anna began coming into San Antonio. Travis assumed full command because of Bowie’s illness sent appeals to aid for Fannin’s men in Goliad, Gonzales, & the “people of texas, and all american’s in the world…I shall never surrender or retreat…victory or death.” After petitioning for reinforcements, although history sees that people were trying to help, but didn’t have time. Only 32 men were able to help. There are new reports of about 250 to
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Texas+1845-1914+Lecture+2 - The Texas Revolution Lecture...

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