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Texas 1845-1914 Last Stand: Famous Battles Against the Odds (Thermopolae, Waterloo, The Alamo, Comerone, Little Big Horn, Arnheim’s Bridge) **Did Travis Draw a Line in the Sand** Willam P. Zuber started the rumer appearing in the 1873 Almanac. He said that he gathered his command in the center of the Alamo and asked all who would stay to defend the Alamo cross the line. All but one, Rose, crossed the line. In Zuber’s story-Rose left the Alamo and made his way to east texas in the Zuber cabin to be cared for after his long journey where Zuber heard the story. Denied by academics, but acknowledged by popular writers. And noting a man named “ross” could it have been rose?? left the Alamo when given the ability to do so by Travis. Alamo-Vietnam Analogy (LBJ), Dying Legends: Three Great Heroes of the Alamo—Crockett, Bowie, Travis **How did Davy die?** Did he go down near the Alamo chapel swinging his rifle like the John Wayne & Walt Disney movies? Or did he surrender? Or was he captured at
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