The Texas Republic and the Diplomacy of Annexation1

The Texas Republic and the Diplomacy of Annexation1 - The...

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The Texas Republic and the Diplomacy of Annexation (Lecture 1) I. South Eager for the Annexation of Texas A. In 1836 ratified constitution for new republic and made Houston their president B. Voted almost unanimously for annexation into U.S. when the opportunity came C. South wanted to annex because it would expand cotton field and slavery i. Also allowed for as many as 5 slave states because Texas could divide into 5 states a. Maintain balance of power of free and slave states D. Independent Texas would be haven for runaway slaves in the south II. Opposition to Annexation in the North A. Some Federalist New Englanders had talks of secession and wanted a strong tie with Britain and France B. New Englanders hostile toward south after Louisiana purchase because more slave states C. Opposed Texas to U.S. because thought it was a conspiracy among slave states to gain power D. Thought Texas revolution was to establish slave republic III. Benjamin Lundy’s The War in Texas (1836) A. Made charge that Texas Revolution was crusade against Mexico by slave holders in order to make more slave states B. Lundy made plans to make free colony for blacks in Texas i. Plan was shot down after Texas Revolution IV.Texas, Rebuffed in Washington, Withdraws Annexation offer A. Texas Revolution year 1836 = election year in the U.S. B. Jackson proposed eventual annexation of Texas but didn’t want to do it right away because he feared it would hurt the election of his V.P. – Van Buren i. Worked and Van Buren was elected C. Van Buren was a northerner so southern democrats were skeptical of him D. Jackson rebuffed Texas’ original annexation offer for immediate annexation i. Even delayed recognizing the Texas republic until his last day in office E. Van Buren won the election narrowly F. Once in office shied away from idea of annexation for his entire administration because it would cause a war with Mexico i. Annexation refusal hurt Van Buren’s chances with Tyler election G. During Van Buren administration Texas took the offer for annexation off the table H. October 1838 – Texas took offer of annexation off the table V. Dueling Persists in Texas A. Dueling was illegal in Texas B. Felix Huston i. Ambitious C. Albert Sidney Johnston Duel February 5, 1837 i. As public duty accepted duel
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ii. Huston enraged because Johnston senior brigadier general in Texas army iii. Johnston was hit and on his death bed but survived and became a general in confederate army iv. Shot in leg and didn’t realize it until boot filled with blood and he fell off
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The Texas Republic and the Diplomacy of Annexation1 - The...

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