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The Texas Revolution1 - The Texas Revolution(Lecture 1 I...

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The Texas Revolution (Lecture 1) I. Anglo American Migration into Texas A. Came in 1820s in search of land B. Mexican government authorized immigration as means of populating frontier province and make it more productive C. Mexicans hoped that Americans would be buffer between Mexicans and the violent plains Indians (Comanches) II. Stephen F. Austin A. Master diplomat B. Workaholic C. Paternalistic, cynical, self-pitying D. “Father of Texas” – was a lifelong bachelor E. Always sick F. His mission was the Americanization of Texas G. Father had 300 families that wanted to colonize Texas – died when it was going to happen and Austin took over H. April 1823 – Mexican government approves Austin’s colony in Texas – get 4,605 acres each i. No colonists pay taxes for 6 years ii. Received 100,000 acres for his own use I. He and his followers became Mexican citizens i. Nominally accept Roman Catholic Church and accepted Mexican law ii. Their position and distance made them really not involved with Mexican government iii. Mexican government gave him title of Civil Commandant – had first name legally changed to Esteban iv. Mexican Texans = Tejanos v. Tejano Elite (especially Seguin) were influential in his colony J. Chose new capital with Bastrop i. High ground lots of water resources a. Easily defended b. Central location ii. Called San Felipe de Austin III. Origins of the Texas Rangers A. Before state of Texas even existed and even before the Republic of Texas existed B. Immigrants face attacks by Indians C. Mexico wouldn’t provide military help so authorized that the colonists can organize voluntary militia i. Start as 15 men and the next month there is 10 more ii. Austin called them Rangers iii. Were supposed to protect land and people from Indian and outlaw attacks iv. Formed in 1823 Ancestors of the modern Rangers D. For 40 years not organized or had the resources to really get shit done
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E. Austin launches attacks against certain Indian groups before he got more men and resources i. Theft, murder, and cannibalism (Kuracula Indians) IV.Conflicts Between the American Settlers and Mexican officials A. Disputes over land titles and who could issue them, military authority, etc. V. Fredonian Rebellion of 1826 A. Conflict over land claims between original Mexicans and newly arrived Anglo settlers B. Led by Hayden Edwards – sought to separate his colony from Mexico C. In 1826 Constitution written to separate “Fredonia” from Mexico D. Met opposition from Mexico and Austin and the troops went in and then Fredonia rebels fled VI.Law of April 6, 1830
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The Texas Revolution1 - The Texas Revolution(Lecture 1 I...

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