The Texas Revolution2 - The Texas Revolution (Lecture 2) I....

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The Texas Revolution (Lecture 2) I. General Lopez de Santa Anna Sweeps North with the Mexican Army A. Wanted to suppress latest rebellion against central Mexican authority B. Went north during winter months without proper supplies and medical attention C. Many troops were Indians that could not speak language D. About 5,000 troops march to San Antonio under Santa Anna himself E. 1,000 under Urrea on the costal roads toward Goliad F. Main Mexican army suffered hardship because of winter weather G. Texans in San Antonio didn’t know about Mexican army until they were within 21 miles and were not prepared for these armies H. Houston tells Jim Bowie to San Antonio with orders to demolish the Alamo, abandon San Antonio and move Texas troops to a more protected space (Gonzales in the East) i. Bowie goes to tell Neill who was in San Antonio with 80 men – Bowie said that at least 1,000 men needed to protect the Alamo walls ii. Neither prepared to carry out Houston’s orders (destroy Alamo, abandon city, destroy city, and head east to Gonzales) a. Said no transportation for artillery b. Really thought that the future of Texas was dependent on keeping the Alamo and San Antonio out of enemy hands c. The Alamo had some sort of weird mystical effect on the men that stayed within its’ walls I. Bowie and Neill send governor a message saying that they would rather die at the Alamo than give it up to the enemy J. Travis arrives in San Antonio with 30 men – now have about 140 men K. Crockett arrives with 12 men – Tennessee Company of Mounted Volunteers i. Leaves Tennessee in disgust after loosing congressional seat to a man with wooden leg – “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas” ii. Said he would do whatever was necessary to defend their common country even though he had just arrived in Texas L. Neill takes leave of absence of 20 days to take care of sick family – places Travis in charge instead of Bowie – decide to control their own men and act jointly when important decisions needed to be made M. Travis writes governor and says that the Alamo was more important to occupy than he first imagined is the key of Texas – large water resource and vast mission compound – best place to keep large concentration of troops i. Working with engineer men worked tirelessly to further fortify the Alamo upon which skilled Mexican engineers had worked while Cos was occupying San Antonio II. The Siege of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, 1836) *** A. Mexican army begins arriving in San Antonio on February 23 B. Texans go into halls of the Alamo – don’t try to defend San Antonio C. Santa Anna says he won’t show Garrison any mercy – won’t accept surrender i. Does this by flying red flag from San Fernando church
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D. Travis takes full command because of Bowie’s illness (confined him to one of the rooms in the barracks) i. Sends request for aid to Fannin at Goliad to Gonzales to the people of Texas and all the people of the world ii. Says he will never surrender or retreat – accepting either victory or death
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The Texas Revolution2 - The Texas Revolution (Lecture 2) I....

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