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To the Halls of Montezuma1 - To the Halls of Montezuma: The...

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To the Halls of Montezuma: The Mexican War and Its Legacy (Lecture 1) I. Origins of the Mexican War, Opposition to the Mexican War in the United States A. March 1, 1849 only 3 days before leaving office Tyler signed joint resolution of annexation B. Calhoun instructed committee to Texas to propose annexation to President of Texas (Jones) C. Mexico ambassador opposed because it went against Mexico D. Polk didn’t want to fight Mexico if he could get the land he wanted with negotiation and purchase i. But still prepared by having Taylor with 1,500 to cross from Louisiana to Texas to protect border with Mexico “on or near the Rio Grande” a. Border was disputed – US accepted border of Rio Grande, Mexico said that the Nueces River was the Boundary – area between was Nueces strip E. Taylor didn’t want to piss off Mexicans by going to Rio Grande so hung out in Corpus Christi i. Mexican point of view – he was invading Mexico because Mexico thought that Texas was a rebel Mexican state F. Polk assigned Slidell to secret mission to Mexico to try and get disputed area by negotiation G. Mexico in huge debt – acknowledge the debt but had no money to do anything H. Polk said that Slidell could take the debt from Mexico so US would be responsible for the losses of their citizens if they agreed to make the border of Texas the Rio Grande i. Also authorized $30 million for New Mexico and California ii. Only successful if Mexico agreed to US annexation of Mexico with Rio Grande as boundary I. Unsuccessful – Slidell didn’t get received and nothing accomplished J. Polk orders Taylor and his men (now 4,000) to go to Rio Grande K. Mexico crosses Rio and kills a lot of troops L. Polk prepared to ask Congress for War because of failure to receive Slidell – once he heard this news he made new proposal to Congress because war is necessary because they attacked us first i. Shed American blood on American Soil M. Congress passes war resolution by huge majority i. Calhoun abstained from voting because afraid that new land gotten from Mexico would further inflame the slavery issue in the US N. US enters war without plan of operations i. Had to be worked out hastily ii. Small – just big enough to get peace but not large enough to repartitions dangerous for the presidency – not big enough for Whig heroes of the war to run for president on their victories and get democrats out of office
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To the Halls of Montezuma1 - To the Halls of Montezuma: The...

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