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To the Halls of Montezuma2 - To the Halls of Montezuma The...

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To the Halls of Montezuma: The Mexican War and Its Legacy (Lecture 2) I. Taylor’s Two Victories in Northern Mexico (Monterrey and Buena Vista) A. California and New Mexico taken by US by Carney before Taylor fought his first battles in Northern Mexico B. After waiting for reinforcements and supplies Taylor moved out of Comargo in July 1846 with about 12,000 men C. Volunteers didn’t take proper sanitation precautions and camp was pretty gross i. Heat made disease and filth worse ii. About 15% of his forces died from disease D. Taylor heads south to Monterrey (Provisional Mexican capital) in Nuevo Leon i. 7,000 Mexican troops defending Monterrey – commanded by Ambutia a. Many Texans were captured by Ambutia at Mier – dealt with black bean episode – those that got away were set on revenge against Ambutia ii. Taylor takes Monterrey on September 25, 1846 – 5 day battle iii. Taylor grants Mexican army 8 week armistice in exchange for surrender at Monterrey a. Polk pissed about this and Taylor’s growing popularity with American people – made him a likely candidate for presidency in 1848 b. Polk thinks Taylor not aggressive enough to be trusted further with any further operation – if he didn’t agree to armistice then they could have ended the war right there Didn’t understand Taylor’s predicament – if didn’t agree to armistice there would have been a lot more street fighting and a lot more people would have died Taylor had a limited amount of men – lost 500 men and was tired and demoralized – in no condition to fight Also didn’t have a lot of supplies iv. Polk orders armistice canceled because is not sure of his ability to lead army a. Taylor wonders if Polk trying to discredit him because of political reasons – still followed presidents orders and continued advance – went to one city but didn’t keep going because the next spot was 300 miles south through really rough desert terrain E. Santa Anna back in Mexico in 1837 until he was commanded to fight French in Pastry War – lost leg in action – French withdrew and Santa Anna won – then became interim president for a few weeks in 1839 then took it over permanently in 1841 through revolution i. Another rebellion to get Santa Anna out of rule in 1844 a. Driven out of town in the middle of the night and exiled and given half a general’s pay ii. When Mexican War broke out in exile in Cuba – told Polk he could make negotiation with Mexico and get them the territory he wanted if he could go into Vera Cruz through US – Polk says okay
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a. Becomes commander and president of Mexico Forgets about promise to US and starts building army to fight the US F. October 1847 – Polk and cabinet decide to move against Mexico City by way of Vera Cruz i. Wanted a democratic general but for lack of better choice named Scott to command this army G. Taylor required to give up most of his regulars to Scott in Tampico i. Taylor had to stay put ii. Double blow – denied opportunity to perpetrate attack, had to give up half
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To the Halls of Montezuma2 - To the Halls of Montezuma The...

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