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DEVELOP YOUR OWN CD COVER You will use information from the topic of:  OIL DISCOVERIES IN TEXAS to design a CD  cover. You will need: an empty CD case, construction paper, notebook paper Your requirements are: FRONT COVER:  (17 points total) o DESIGN (can be a picture that you have drawn, photocopied, cut from a magazine or  downloaded)                                           7 points o TITLE of the CD:  (the title must relate, in some way, to Texas oil)        10 points BACK COVER: (40 points total) o 10 TRACKS (4 points each) o TITLE of the song o ARTIST or GROUP                                           Example:  “Boys, I Think We’ve Got a Gusher” by Higgins and Lucas PRODUCER: (3 points total) You will be the producer of this CD.  You will write your name on the inside of the CD cover. 
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Unformatted text preview: EVALUATION: (40 points) ON A SEPARATE SHEET to be turned in with your design: (4 points each) - (fold this paper and place it inside the CD case) o Rewrite the name of your track titles and artists and give a short EVALUATION of HOW the TWO ARE RELATED. EXAMPLE: Boys, I Think Weve Got a Gusher by Higgins and Lucus The title and artists are related because Anthony Lucas and Patillo Higgins were the oilmen responsible for bringing in the first gusher at Spindletop. The total for this assignment is 100 points. Be Creative! Just be certain that you are able to justify your titles and artists and their relationship in your evaluation....
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