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OIL IN TEXAS The student will be able to show an understanding of early Texas oil discoveries by developing a CD cover, complete with track titles and artists, relating them to the discoveries and evaluating and justifying their relationships. Grade: 7 th Timeline: 2 class periods Submitted by: Rebecca Smith 7 th grade Texas History th /8 th Grade History Teacher Materials needed: copy of “student direction” page, empty CD cases (the rectangular ones are preferable), construction paper, notebook paper, and a source for pictures (can be drawn) Procedure: Upon completion of study of Texas oil discoveries (Spindletop, Kilgore, and Ranger); the students will design their own CD covers, with track titles and artists, related to the Texas
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Unformatted text preview: oil industry. This can include the discovery of the fields, to the impact on the urban areas of Texas to the economic development in Texas due to oil discoveries. For specific directions, see “student direction sheet” included with this lesson packet. This activity can be done individually or as a small group. EVALUATION: Use the rubric that is included with this lesson packet. TEKS: 7.6A, 7.7A, 7.10A, B, 7.12B, 7.13A, B, 7.20C, D, 7.21C, 7.22D Suggested Readings: Handbook of Texas: oil, Spindletop, Kilgore, Ranger, Patillo Higgins, Anthony Lucas, Refineries, Houston...
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