Expectations UTL 202 - utilize the skills I have learned...

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UTL 202 – Lopez September 9, 2009 Expectations of 202 After teaching my first lesson in UTL 101 I knew that I was in the right profession. Teaching a student a knew concept and then seeing the excitement on their face once it finally “clicks” and they understand the material was an extremely rewarding feeling. Once my time at my elementary school finished and I realized that I would soon be entering UTL 202 I became a lot more hesitant about going into a middle school. I don’t feel very prepared in the aspect of classroom management because the elementary school I taught at was a private Christian school, and none of the kids ever acted out. With middle school students being more sociable and more likely to want to defy authority, I am nervous that my lack of classroom management needed for elementary might come back to haunt me. At the same time, I do hope that I am presented with an opportunity in which I will need to
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Unformatted text preview: utilize the skills I have learned for classroom management because then I will know if I am really cut out for this profession. I am also excited to write engaging lesson plans for history. The large majority of my social studies teachers from middle school through high school took the easy way out of teaching history, they either lectured or had us read the textbook and fill out answers. I can only recall one teacher who ever strayed from this routine and needless to say he is the reason why I decided to become a teacher. I want to be able to write lesson plans for my students that are not only fun and engaging but also extremely informative. If a student is interested in the lesson I am teaching they will learn more out of it than if I just stood in front of the class and lectured the entire time. This could prove to be a very challenging task but again, this will let me know if I am cut out for the teaching profession....
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Expectations UTL 202 - utilize the skills I have learned...

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