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UTL 202 – Lopez October 30, 2009 Sheri Hanslik 7 th Grade Texas History Lesson Plan #4: Letters to Soldiers I. Materials A. PowerPoint with troops pictures B. Letter from soldier II. TEKS A. NO TEKS. SPECIAL LESSON FOR VETERAN’S DAY III. Objectives A. The student will celebrate Veteran’s Day and show their appreciation for the troops overseas by writing letters to soldiers. IV.Modifications A. Allow some students more time. Help students who are having difficulties V. Anticipatory Set A. Show the students the PowerPoint with soldiers receiving letters from home while reading aloud a letter from a soldier. VI.Modeling A. Tell the students that they will be writing letters to soldiers overseas to show
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Unformatted text preview: their appreciation for the great sacrifices the men and women in uniform have given. i. Since Veterans Day is coming up this is a great time to show their gratitude to the soldiers. B. Tell the students about the organization that will be sending the letters for them and that along with their letters, care packages for the soldiers will be sent. C. Tell them to introduce themselves, talk about their school, interests, appreciation, good wishes etc. D. Make sure that the students only sign their first names VII. Practice A. Have the students write their own letters to the soldiers...
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