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UTL 202 – Lopez November 13, 2009 Sheri Hanslik 7 th Grade Texas History Lesson Plan #5: Football Review Game I. Materials A. Coin B. Football Field Paper II. TEKS A. 7.2 B – Identify the important individuals, events, and issues related to European exploration and the colonization of Texas B. 7.21 D – Identify points of view from the historical context surrounding an event and the frame of reference that influenced the participants C. 7.22 A – Use social studies terminology correctly D. 7.22 B – Use standard grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation III. Objectives A. The students will learn the material for their upcoming test on the explorers by playing a football review game IV.Modifications A. Allow some students more time. Help students who are having difficulties V. Modeling A. Have the football field paper on the overhead before beginning the game B. Have a coin ready to use as the team advances down the field
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Unformatted text preview: C. Divide the students into teams and select a team name D. Toss a coin to see which team has possession of the ball E. The ball begins at on the 50 yard line F. The ball advances 10 yards with each correct response G. The team keeps possession of the football until reaching the goal line or until an incorrect response is given H. Individual students take turns (go down the rows) answering questions when their team has the ball I. If a question is missed, it is a “fumble” and the ball goes to the other team. The ball remains at that yard line J. The team will receive 6 points for each “touchdown.” Spelling words correctly could be used for the “point after.” K. After scoring, the ball goes to the other team on the 50 yard line VI.Practice A. Play the game!...
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