Lesson Plan Reflection #1b

Lesson Plan Reflection #1b - UTL 202 Lopez September 20,...

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UTL 202 – Lopez September 20, 2009 Sheri Hanslik 7 th Grade Texas History Lesson Plan Reflection #1b For the first lesson I taught the students about the Preamble to the Constitution for celebrating Constitution Day. I started off the lesson by having the students answer the following question on a piece of paper, “what do you think it be like if you came to school one day and there was no rules?” I told them to not only think about the good aspects of a school with no rules but also the bad. We then discussed the positive and negative aspects as a class and came to the consensus that rules are necessary in order for them to learn and grow into successful adults. I then told them that the founders of the our nation also thought that rules were necessary in order for the new country to be successful and they wrote down the goals and rules in the Preamble and the Constitution and that is what we would be discussing today. I then showed them a PowerPoint that first talked about some of the problems with the Articles of Confederation and why they were so bad the founders felt they needed to replace it with the Constitution. I then started talking about the Preamble, what it is and its significance, and had a student read it aloud to the class. The final thing I went over in my PowerPoint was
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Lesson Plan Reflection #1b - UTL 202 Lopez September 20,...

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