Lesson Plan Reflection #2

Lesson Plan Reflection #2 - UTL 202 Lopez October 5, 2009...

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UTL 202 – Lopez October 5, 2009 Sheri Hanslik 7 th Grade Texas History Lesson Plan Reflection #2 My second lesson was teaching the students about current events by having the students do a scavenger hunt using the Austin American Statesman newspaper. To start off the lesson I showed the students a short video from 1903 that showed a newspaper truck passing out newspapers and when he could not pass out the newspapers fast enough a fight ensued. I led the students in a discussion on why current events were important for them to know about. I think that the discussion went well and the students were able to grasp the importance of current events to their lives. I then gave the students a set of four questions that they would be able to find in the newspaper. I picked articles from four different sections of the newspaper so that the students would learn about events outside their normal interests, sports, fashion etc. I was planning at the end to go over the answers with them to one make sure they got the correct answers, but after each question I wanted to lead a discussion on the importance of each event to their lives. Unfortunately, my CT did not let me finish in how I indicated on my lesson plan. Although I was unable to finish how I wanted, I feel like I planned my time well.
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Lesson Plan Reflection #2 - UTL 202 Lopez October 5, 2009...

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