Observation 4 - UTL 202 Lopez October 14, 2004 Sheri...

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UTL 202 – Lopez October 14, 2004 Sheri Hanslik 7 th Grade Texas History Observation #4: School Policies 1. What is the school policy on child abuse? a. All employees are required by state law to report any suspected child abuse or neglect to a law enforcement agency, Child Protective Services, or other appropriate state agency (e.g. state agency operating, licensing, certifying, or registering a facility) within 48 hours of the event that led to the suspicion. Reports to Child Protective Services can be made at https://www.tx.abusehotline.org or the Texas Abuse Hotline (800-252-5400). State law specifies that an employee may not delegate to or rely on another person to make the report. b. Under state law, any person reporting or assisting in the investigation of reported child abuse or neglect is immune from liability unless the report is made in bad faith or with malicious intent. In addition, the district is prohibited from retaliating against an employee who, in good faith, reports child abuse or neglect or who participates in an investigation regarding an allegation of child abuse or neglect. c. An employee’s failure to report suspected child abuse may, depending upon the circumstances, result in prosecution for the commission of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or a state jail felony. In addition, a certified employee’s failure to report suspected child abuse may result in disciplinary procedures by SBEC for a violation of the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators. d. Employees who suspect that a student has been or may be abused or neglected should also report their concerns to the campus principal. Employees are not required to report their concern to the principal before making a report to the appropriate agencies. However, employees are encouraged to report any concern regarding potential abuse or neglect to the principal. Reporting the concern to the principal does not relieve the employee of the requirement to report to the appropriate state agency. Employees must cooperate with child
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Observation 4 - UTL 202 Lopez October 14, 2004 Sheri...

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