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I am delighted to learn of your interest in Operation Interdependence, www.oidelivers.org . We are a non political organization of volunteers across the US shipping 70,000 quart baggies of treats and notes to the troops deployed in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I am going to forward an e-mail sent by Sue Abbott HBMS from a platoon commander in Kuwait, where the troops transition between the States, training there for a couple weeks before being sent to Afghanistan or Iraq, or preparing to take head home. It means the world to the troops to know that the US is "at their back". They often keep student letters in their helmets to remind them why they are there when the going gets tough. One of the LTHS football player's dad, special services in the Gulf War, bought seven footballs to send to a battalion (16 platoons of 50) on our OI list to receive our boxes every month. The commander requested items for relief of stress for his men building a base in Taliban territory in southern Afghanistan. They are living in tents, have next to nothing coming through the supply
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