Table of Contents - o Lesson 1 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan...

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Table of Contents Section 1: My School and Mentor Web Activity 1: My School Observation 1: Interview Questions for Supervising Teacher Section 2: Reflections on the Teaching Profession Self-Reflection – Expectations of Teaching Middle School at the Beginning of the Semester Self-reflection on Teaching at the End of the Semester Section 3: Observations Observation 2: Lesson Being Taught Observation 3: Teaching Methods Observation 4: School Policies Observation 6: Domain I and II Observation 8: Domain III Observation 11: Domain IV Section 4: Lessons Lesson Plan 1: The Preamble to the Constitution o Lesson 1 Student Work o Lesson 1 Reflection
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Unformatted text preview: o Lesson 1 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan 2: Current Events o Lesson 2 Student Work o Lesson 2 Reflection o Lesson 2 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan 3: Indian Fry Bread o Lesson 3 Reflection o Lesson 3 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan 4: Letters to Soldiers o Lesson 4 Reflection o Lesson 4 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan 5: Football Review Game o Lesson 5 Reflection o Lesson 5 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan 6: Life as an Explorer o Lesson 6 Student Work o Lesson 6 Reflection o Lesson 6 Evaluation Form Verification Form Section 5: Web Activities Web Activity #2: Teaching Resources Web Activity #3: Educational Standards Section 6: Additional Information...
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Table of Contents - o Lesson 1 Evaluation Form Lesson Plan...

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