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ABC books not just for kids - ABC Books Aren't for Babies!...

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ABC Books Aren't for Babies! Looking for some inspiration for an activity that will engage students -- from kindergarten to college -- while they learn? Why not challenge students to create their own ABC books? Included: More than 200 ABC book ideas -- spanning the grades and the curriculum! ABC books aren't just for babies! Kids across the grades are getting in on the act. First graders in Loogootee, Indiana, searched the Net for great sites for each letter of the alphabet. First graders in Wiscasset, Maine, created the Morris Farm Alphabet Book . Fifth graders in Alaska created The Alaska Railroad from A to Z . Even high schoolers could get in on the act! Why not have your biology class create an ABCs of Biology. A is for amoeba, B is for biome, C is for crustacean . .. This week, in honor of the anniversary of the birth of Noah Webster -- the father of the American dictionary, Education World offers an ABC of possible ABC books that students across the grades might create. Pick one from the list and let your students create their own books. Or divide students into groups to work on a book. Or let each student explore a topic of choice . .. AN ABC OF ENDANGERED SPECIES Teacher Laura Toffenetti challenged each of her fourth graders at the Dorothy C. Goodwin School in Storrs, Connecticut, to create an ABC book of endangered animals. The task was easier than might be expected because, as the students were amazed to learn, the world has more than 6,000 species that are "endangered" due to loss of habitat, poaching, and pollution! "Students used a variety of resources to research the animals," says Toffenetti. "Each page had to include at least four facts about the animal, a map showing where the animal lives, and a picture." "We spent some time learning how to lay out a page in an effective way," adds Toffenetti. "We also had some mini drawing lessons to help them capture the animals' likenesses." At the end of the project Toffenetti decided to create a kind-of "best of" ABC book. You can see the results of this Endangered Species Project on the school's Web site. The book opens with Jessica's picture and story about the American bison, Joy's introduction to the blue macaw, and Billy's account of the plight of the cuckoo. Twenty-three letters later, Emily closes the book with the sad facts about the Grevy's zebra. The project so excited Toffenetti's students that at the end of the school year, when the kids were feeling a little sad about leaving their comfortable elementary school for the unfamiliarity of middle school, the kids made another ABC book -- this one a Memory Book. "As a class we brainstormed all the things we had done all year and then connected the events to a letter of the alphabet," says Toffenetti. "Each student wrote and illustrated their letter and then we all got a copy of the book. It was a great keepsake." Toffenetti has also done the ABC book project with second graders. "After looking at lots of ABC books, the students each chose a topic," says Toffenetti. "They were allowed to work
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with a partner, but most were so excited that they chose to work alone. There were a lot of
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ABC books not just for kids - ABC Books Aren't for Babies!...

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