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Book Talk - Show each book giving title and author Provide...

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1. Young Adolescent Chapter Book – 2. Picture Book (Fiction) – The Rainbow Fish 3. Picture Book (Non-Fiction) – Hitler’s Youth 4. Poem – 5. Song – Little Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp Book talk 15% (rubric on Blackboard) You will present a book talk on four (4) books and one song related to your specialization (what you plan to teach). Please include one young adolescent chapter book, one picture book that is fiction, one picture book that is non-fiction, one poem, and one song. All materials chosen should be for the students, not for teachers! Plan to limit your presentation to 15 minutes. It will be hard to do; you will be excited about your books! You may also add any special effects; one student shrouded us in a fog of dry ice as she shared a selection of mysteries… Format for Book Talks – 1. Have the song playing as you begin your talk. You may use it in any way that will enhance your presentation. Please provide us with the lyrics. Bring the books with you.
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Unformatted text preview: Show each book, giving title and author. Provide a brief background on the books and/or the author. Explain why you selected the books and how they can be used alone or together in a classroom. (20 points) 2. Give an overview of each book that addresses its specific content, as well as any pertinent structural issues; i.e., diary, change of narrator for each chapter, etc. This should provide enough information so that we can understand the passages that you select and read. (20 points) 3. Choose one significant passage from two of the books and then read these to the class. If you use picture books, you might want to read the entire book; just watch your time. Practice this! (20 points) 4. Cite at least two different strategies (from the Beers’ book) that you would use and the reasons why; be specific! Please include in this explanation how some or all of these books would increase knowledge for students with reading difficulties. (40 points)...
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