Mesopotamians - World War II Lesson Plan I: Great...

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World War II Lesson Plan I: Great Depression in Europe, Hitler’s Rise to Power Objectives: Students will have a better understanding of the Great Depression felt in Europe, and how certain programs, such as the Dawes-Hay plan, enabled the Depression. Students will gain an understanding of how factors set during the Weimar Republic would eventually lead to World War II Discuss the factors that lead to Hitler’s rise to power in Germany Students will use primary sources to understand Hitler’s character TEKS standards: (A) identify and explain effects of World War I analyze the influence of significant individuals such as Adolf Hitler on political events of the 20th century; and (G) identify bias in written, oral, and visual material; Required Material: Powerpoint on Weimar Republic and Great Depression, first hand primary sources from the Weimar Republic Hook: Have students take the leader quiz at the beginning of the powerpoint, but don’t tell them the answer, tell them we’ll get back to it. Have them write down a, b, or c on a piece of paper and pass it up to you. Procedures: After taking the quiz show the Dawes-Hay Plan on the powerpoint, and after having discussed any foreseeable flaws in the plan with the students, go on to explain how the Dawes-Hay Plan was set up following World War I in order to repay debts. The Power point will have all this information on it, so it will also
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Mesopotamians - World War II Lesson Plan I: Great...

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