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Picture Books & Secondary Students

Picture Books & Secondary Students - Picture Books...

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4/24/08 1:21 PM Page 1 of 9 http://www.geocities.com/Athens/1260/picbkuse.htm Biography Writings Whistle-blowing Internet teaching Why West Park? If anything can go wrong it will. -- Murphy's Law. WAYS OF USING PICTURE BOOKS WITH SECONDARY STUDENTS 1 LANGUAGE COMPARISONS Are picture books just 'kid's stuff'? Compare language in novels and picture books - useful books might be: GARFIELD, L : Smith GARFIELD, L : The Wedding Ghost CLAVELL, J : Thrump-O-Moto BRIGGS, R : Gentleman Jim BRIGGS, R : When the wind blows BOLTON, B : 2. POETRY INTRODUCTIONS Is poetry boring? Use illustrated versions to introduce a particular version or poet: The man from snowy river - Ill.: A. MACARTHUR- ONSLOW The man from Ironbark - Ill.: Q. HOLE Jabberwocky - Ill.: G. Base
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Page 2 of 9 http://www.geocities.com/Athens/1260/picbkuse.htm Hiawatha - Ill.: S. Jeffers The Quangle Wangle's hat - Ill.: H. Oxenbury 3. CHARACTER STUDY What is characterisation? Why is it important? How is it achieved in a picture book? Compare impressions of character from novels with picture book characters. Useful picture books might be: KEATS, E. J. : The snowy day (And other 'Peter' books) WAGNER, J : The bunyip of Berkeley's creek WAGNER, J : HUTCHINS, P : The very worst monster BLUME, J : The pain and the great one BOLTON, B : 4. APHORISMS Can you 'judge a book by its cover' - Mask the author, title and illustrator names on the cover of three or four picture books and have children describe the covers to the class. (They shouldn't open them up either) Then have a discussion about what they think the story will be, how it will be illustrated, level of language, etc. -
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Picture Books & Secondary Students - Picture Books...

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