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Professional Journal Article 3 - Sarah Jones Overcoming...

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Sarah Jones Overcoming Reading Difficulties 18 June 2009 Professional Journal Article Three Williams, Bronwyn T. (2004) Boys may be boys, but do they have to read and write that way? Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 47, 510 – 514 Summary: In this article the author looks at the trends of literacy and boys, more specifically he looks at the materials that boys are reading. The author points out that this material is often more violence and action based, which is opposed to what teachers in mainstream classes are trying to teach, character and subtle nuances of the story. The author says that the boys find the violence and action interesting in furthering the plot, and can distinguish it from real life, and that having violence and action in their literature gives them more of an interest to the story. Main Points: The mainstream classroom often frowns at literature that boys tend to like, literature with violence and action, favoring literature that focuses more on character and nuance. Boys may seem uninterested in the literature in the classroom,
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Professional Journal Article 3 - Sarah Jones Overcoming...

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