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UTL 341R – Overcoming Reading Difficulties Reading #1 September 3, 2009 Reading #1 Sagmiller, Girard. "Why Can't I Read Like the Other Kids?." Dyslexia My Life . 2000. <>. Summary: This article tells the story of Girard when he was a young boy in school with Dyslexia. He talks about how his mother and teachers would ask him “what is wrong with you” when he could not read and he felt that he was being punished for something because he could not read. He also talks about how he felt dumb in class because he could not read aloud and the other kids would make fun of him. Main Points: 1. Many schools do not test for Dyslexia 2. You can’t push kids to remedy something they cannot control 3. It is important to get a child help if you think they might have Dyslexia or any
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Unformatted text preview: other learning disorder 4. You cannot quit on a child, it is important to show them support 5. 10% of kids have a learning disability and few of them or their parents know Two Applications for My Classroom: 1. Never give up on a child, if I see that one is having a problem talk to them and their parents about getting tested for a learning disability 2. If I know a child has Dyslexia and can see them having problems with the readings or tests, I can make alternative assessments that would be more successful with him/her Two Questions Raised in My Mind by the Article: 1. How could his own mother be so cruel to him? 2. What kind of teacher would give up on a child and essentially call him stupid?...
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