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UTL 341R – Overcoming Reading Difficulties Reading #3 October 15, 2009 Reading #3 Osborn, Sunya. "Picture Books for Young Adult Readers." Alan Review . 28.3 (2001): 1-8. Print. Summary: This article talks about the importance of picture books. Many students believe that they are too old to read picture books and therefore deprive themselves of potentially valuable information. The article also states that a teacher should use picture books in order to make students more strategic readers. By using picture books, students are able to look at the pictures, which may help them, better understand a topic that they may find confusing. Main Points: 1. Picture books are a valuable asset when teaching young adults because pictures can show a topic in a different way that may help student grasp a confusing topic 2. Picture books help students become more strategic readers
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Readers use many of the same skills to interpret pictures as they do to interpret print, such as determining their purpose for reading; drawing upon their background knowledge, experience, and attitudes; asking and answering questions; inferring; and visualizing 4. Kids who think they are “too old” to read picture books are likely to be poor readers 5. Picture books may be used to awaken interest and tie new learning to old. Two Applications for My Classroom: 1. Use picture books with text to introduce a lesson 2. Use picture without text to inspire creative writing Two Questions Raised in My Mind by the Article: 1. Where can I find young adult picture books? 2. How will my students react when I pull out a picture to read to them ?...
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