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Reading #4 - in the notebook(e.g turn in homework at the...

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UTL 341R – Overcoming Reading Difficulties Reading #4 October 20, 2009 Reading #4 "LD Online." Lazy Kid or Executive Dysfunction? . LD Online, Web. 20 Oct 2009. <http://www.ldonline.org/article/6311?theme=print >. Summary: This article talks about the strategy a teacher can use in order to help a student with executive dysfunction succeed. These strategies range from managing time, space, materials and work. By helping a student with executive dysfunction organize their work in the classroom, the student will be more successful in their work. Main Points: 1. Maintain a highly structured classroom 2. Emphasize what you want the student to do in order to succeed 3. It is important to help the student with time management techniques, such as checklists, to help them succeed. 4. Help the student to understand his problems and that there are strategies he can use to organize him/ herself 5. Establish a daily routine for school organization and include a written version of it
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Unformatted text preview: in the notebook (e.g., turn in homework at the beginning of classes, get out paper/text/pen and check blackboard for assignment, prepare to leave class three minutes before it ends—pack books, papers, etc., turn in assignment book for checking and initialing at the end of each day, etc.). Use this same approach at home (e.g., do homework at a certain time, have parent initial homework, clean out book bag, check for necessary supplies for school). Two Applications for My Classroom: 1. Provide students with checklists when guiding them through independent work to ensure that they finish what is expected of them 2. Obtain two copies of each textbook. Mark one “To be left in school” and the other “To be left at home.” Two Questions Raised in My Mind by the Article: 1. Where can I learn more about executive dysfunction? 2. What is the likelihood that one of my students will have executive dysfunction?...
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