Reading Autobiography - UTL 341R Overcoming Reading...

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UTL 341R – Overcoming Reading Difficulties Reading Autobiography September 1, 2009 My Experiences with Reading I have always been a competitive individual and that is what propelled me to enjoy reading as a child. In my kindergarten class we had a huge bookcase filled with a variety of different stories. The books were organized by difficulty, with the easiest being simple picture books, that we were encouraged to use our imagination with and create our own stories, to the ever-terrifying chapter book. None of us were expected to read the chapter books and our teacher explained that she had the books there so her son, who was I believe in 3 rd Grade, could read when he came in after school while she was still working. I decided to make it my mission to read one of those chapter books. Once I was ready for the big-kid books, I strutted my 5-year-old self over to the chapter books to decide which one I would make my victim. I can still remember my teacher looking skeptical and shocked when I told her my plan but she wished me luck and told me she could not wait for me to tell her what happened in the book. I was so excited when I finished the book that I ran into class to tell the teacher about the book. She was thrilled with my progress and phoned my parents to tell them how far I was advancing. My parents were extremely proud and gave me the present of deciding what was for dinner that night in honor of the celebration, a huge prize
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Reading Autobiography - UTL 341R Overcoming Reading...

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