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UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN UTL341R: Overcoming Reading Difficulties Fall 2009, 3 Semester hours Syllabus Diane M. LaGrone [email protected] Gebauer 1.308 office phone: 232-2259 Office hours: Wed., 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.; by appt. home phone: 296-2750 Students in this course must be concurrently enrolled in UTL202 or UTL303/EDC370 unless special permission is granted. Students with disabilities may request appropriate academic accommodations from the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, Services for Students with Disabilities, 471-6259. Prerequisite: UTL101 Course Description UTL341R: Overcoming Reading Difficulties Course objectives: Become familiar with basic terminology of special needs students Recognize differences in learning disabilities Evaluate teaching methods and be able to choose appropriately for all students Understand the rationale for using varied materials Evaluate materials and be able to choose appropriately for all students Learn teaching strategies that address the needs of special needs students Learn how to write a case study Design specific projects for immediate use in the classroom Read and discuss current issues regarding reading pedagogy State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) teacher standards Please visit the SBEC website to view standards for each discipline. Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) This course includes students from all UTeach-Liberal Arts certification areas. Because of this, the teacher proficiency domains and competencies addressed are numerous. A document with these described is available on the UTL341R Blackboard site. Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS) requirements Dimensions of each domain below that apply to teaching and learning as related to reading disabilities are addressed in this course. For a specific description of each domain and the appropriate dimensions, see the link on the UTL341R Blackboard site. Domain I: Active, Successful Student Participation in the Learning Process Domain II: Learner-centered Instruction
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Domain III: Evaluation and Feedback on Student Progress Domain IV: Management of Student Discipline, Instructional Strategies, Time/Materials Domain V: Professional Communication Domain VI: Professional Development Domain VII: Compliance with Policies, Operating Procedures and Requirements Domain VIII: Improvement of All Students' Academic Performance Text (available at the Co-op) Beers, K. (2003). When kids can’t read, what teachers can do: A guide for teachers 6 – 12 . Portsmouth: Heinemann. Supplemental texts: excerpts from these will be posted on Blackboard and/or handed out in class (not necessary for you to purchase, although I have marked with asterisks those that you might want to pick up later or watch for at a used book store; life skill – take any reading or literacy textbooks that anyone offers you!) *Hartmann, T. (1993).
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syll 341R fall 09 - UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN UTL341R:...

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