01.13.09 Phenom Class Notes

01.13.09 Phenom Class Notes - Phenomenology Notes 1.13.09...

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Phenomenology Notes 1.13.09 Tuesday I. Phenomenology II. Intentionality A. “the key problem” (not concept), it is a feature of consciousness and it is transformed by Heidegger to capture the essence of human nature in general III. Husserl + Science A. Philosophy in Mathematics B. Philosophy C. Culture I. Phenomenological Reduction A. Heidegger is able to pick up on things that Husserl is not able to take B. A way to get back to things themselves i. to “Bracket out” things that may block out access to the things themselves ii. sense that there is something blocking our access iii. there is a negative impulse, negatively oriented towards our average everyday way pf orienting things iv. In our everyday life we overlook phenomenological, visa via the philosophical tradition, and experiences of everyday life v. despite this negative impulse we may have to drop presuppositions a) these presuppositions may come back, we may be able to restore them but they will be grounded vi. strong negative component of Phenomenology, specifically of inauthentic existence C. “The Things Themselves” i. how are things given to us ii. Husserl – things are given to us in acts of consciousness a) we must have a phenomenological approach b) do not assume you know the definition of consciousness c) looking at acts of consciousness (what are conscious acts) perceptual things , are given to us in acts of perception perception is multiform (sight, hearing, smell) all perceptual acts give us perceptual objects Acts of love, hate, and anger are acts of consciousness in these objects are given to us d) Things are just given to us Consciousness is the space in which things are given to us
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01.13.09 Phenom Class Notes - Phenomenology Notes 1.13.09...

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