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01.20.09 Phenom Notes

01.20.09 Phenom Notes - 01.20.09 Phen Class Notes I Husserl...

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01.20.09 Phen Class Notes I. Husserl A. natural science (natur) B. human science (Geisteswissenschaften) Mind does not capture what geis is, he translated B as human science but it not completely capturing what is meant by geis All from Ideas II he says the natural sciences are interested in describing things empirically, interested in empirical facts they want to give an account of the particular observations they have made they can to discover “Essential laws” of these entities, what allows them to be what they are Husserl calls these universal “causal” laws, allows things to be ordered in a particular law universal causal laws determine the experience for someone allows something to be what it is as it is externally, as a particular object this allows Husserl to say these sciences are “objective” Human Science the human sciences have a different object to treat humanity they want to look at the human subject that is acting in particular way difference between the sciences of facts and the sciences of acts this is the sciences if acts we are interested in the particular way a community behaves
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