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01.22.09 Husserl retains some epistemological understanding of science transition from an epistemological sphere to a ontological sphere Heidegger (1887 -1976) a generation after Husserl Heidegger comes from south west Germany, much for rural background traditional background has some impact on his philosophy this impacts his early thought he was a candidate for the priesthood received Brentano, thesis on the manifold meaning of being (on Aristotle) Brentano has a great influence on Husserl as well book is about Metaphysics (being) and it is about Aristotle this distinguishes Heidegger from Husserl Heidegger has a profound engagement with the history of thought Anti-Cartesian starting point had theological interests Two major pieces of student work PHD (1911) – on Phycologism, the laws of thought are contrained by out empirical psychology Habilitation (1913) – Das Scotus (on the theory of judgment) interested in being, issues
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Unformatted text preview: of physcologism, and the history of philosophy ■ 1901-1916 Husserl was in Gottingen teaching, in 1916 Husserl moves to Freiburg ■ Heidegger fell into the “orbit” of Husserl's thought ■ 1923 – Heidegger goes to Marburg good for Heidegger because he beings to study Kant 1924 -The Concept of Time; very early version of Being and Time gives a lecture on the history of the concept of time ■ Being in time is only 1/3 complete, he completes the first two divisions of the first part ■ 1936-1938 – have two famous lectures on Nietzsche ■ 1945- because he was part of the national sot regime ■ Da-sien – historically concrete not empirical constraints account of da-sein is a transcendental account da-sein is a type of thing, a very special type of thing Psychology is an important question for 20 th century philosophy...
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