1.29.08 - 1.29.08 Phenomenology 1 Intro I Question 2 Intro...

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1.29.08 Phenomenology 1. Intro I – Question 2. Intro II – Framework 1. There are two major written assignments 2. Explication de Text 3. Second exercise at the end of the course 1. Paragraph 3 and 4 2. in the second introduction he presents a framework to approach the question of being properly 3. there are two things we have to do to properly start to rephrase this question, to recollect this question 4. The two fold task a) Analysis of Da-Sein, Existential Analytic, look at the structure of Da-Sein we have this priority of Da-sein Da-sein has this preliminary understanding, pro-ontological understanding of Being this questioning of Being is already conditioned by certain features of the history of ontology making the claim Da-sein is always in a contest A key feature of temporarily he is saying the history of philosophy is important for everyone History of philosophy and its inability to pose the question properly we must look at the history of philosophy in this restructuring way “Higher than actuality is possibility” this is statement about Husserl's work, he is reading Husserl's work in a way Husserl could not read himself Raising the question anew so its actually becomes possible read a text in a way to open up possibilities
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1.29.08 - 1.29.08 Phenomenology 1 Intro I Question 2 Intro...

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