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02.05.09 Phenomenology Notes 1. you can only show phenomenology by doing it 2. paragraph 13 is an attack on husserl 3. we are looking at a thinking being, a thinking entity 4. Chapter 3, the world hood of the world, the world in way Da-sein is, it is not the foundation 1. Animals are world poor 2. the world is something different, what happens in world? 3. What reallly unfolds when we are talking about world? 4. Pg 92-93 key passages in the text 5. He introduces different concepts of the world 6. Ni ether the common world, not some collectivity of the world nor the subjective world, a) world hood of the world, aims at some ontological structure of the world which belongs to da-sein b) pg 93 gives 4 defitiions of the world 1. world is world – world is used as an ontological concept (very objectivistic approach) world is not a bunch of things that can be accumulated in a certain way 2. World funtions as an ontolgical term 7. Characteristics of this world are relations of significance
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