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02/10/09 Phenomenology 1. The world is an Existenilia (existential) it is a structure of Da-sein a) not born out of a categorical understanding, who has existence as its very being 2. It is a network of entanglements (entanglements of significance) a) what has meaning in the short run, meaning 3. Concern : Besorge 4. Projective; these projects in our average everydayness are not mine, they belong to this entity the “THEY” a) Das-Man – the anyone 5. Equipment a) entities are encounter$ed in an equip mental fashion
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Unformatted text preview: b) captures with the notion of “ Zuhandensein ” ready-to-hand, “ready to” means it is encountered immediately c) this is the way in which things are encountered in the world d) present-at-hand is this neutrality, things are present and can be plausibility 6. De-severing (De-distancing) a) Ent-ferung 7. Temporaliy is going to be the ontological meaning of Da-sein 8. What the world is not a) world as a collection of entities...
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