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02.11.09 Da-sein is a condition of possibility for space problem, our sense of time is usually derived from space Heidegger is going to say temporarily allows the basic form of spatiality and orientation In aiming for a Primordial understanidn of Da-sein is grounded in temporality . ... ultimately in para 7, he grounds da-seins temporality and spatiality Heidegger never explicitly talks about our body he is on to a body intentionality bodies are features of intentionality, but he does not work it out in the text Chapter 4 being in the world we are not only encountering equipment but we are also encountering bodies trying to bring out some very basic features about how da-sein is in the world with others crucial cath phrase: that is precisely what da-sein is, da-sein is “being with”
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Unformatted text preview: Mitsein= being with Da-sein is being with others Da-sein is fundamentally relational This projective concern we have is co-existence with da-sein you cant have a world without others we find ourselves in a with-world Solicitude; Fursorge (means care) Concern ; Besorge we see what we say about the matter Care Sorge Negative and Positive ways of Solicitude Leaping - in leaping- ahead ; allowing someone to to something for themselves (google book result, existential therapy) covering up the possibility for another da-sein to interact in the world in its own way Leaping -in is taking over another da-sein Leaping ahead means being challenged, to be a being that has possibiltie...
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