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Task of phenomenology way of proceeding nature of mathematization nature of present at hand good reading is an experience of truth, texts are meaninnful if they are truthful, they reveal, good reading is a game of hind and seek texts can be meaningful or not “meaningful” Da-seins engagement in the world it is a with-world Da-sein's world is a with-world Da-sein is being with Problem of subjectivity, is not one for Heidegger, it is not how two encapsulated subjects gain access to each other what are the structures that allow da-sein to be the type of being where it is already in a world cooperating with projects das-Man – the who of da-sein who constitutes the being with Man – in german refers to “one” ; impersonal third person pronoun *dont use one in the paper he is trying to get an a-priori structure of worldhood a-priori projects arise out of the they the context with allows possibilities to take place is already at play
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Unformatted text preview: “no project is just yours” One is never a self in the sense of being autonomous the language of authenticity, suggests being really me, over and against the not me Heidegger says authenticity and inauthenticity are both structures of Being -with not escaping the conditions of possibility of having progress Da-sein is constituted by averageness the average always plays a role in da-sein projective existence in the world it provides a role as a standard we tend to think of average as average, that involves another structure of distance-iality to always measure oneself we must have something to measure ourself against averageness ; is an always present standard Heidegger introduces on the basis of averageness. ... Publicness is a structure of the with-world there is no private langauge, or private world...
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