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03.19.09 phenomenoloy notes

03.19.09 phenomenoloy notes - 5 Particular structure of...

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Phenomen notes 03/17/08 Class notes 1. Dasein has existence as its very essence 2. Metsein – being with, always along side other dasein 3. Dasein is care, care is just another name for Dasein 1. can be flushed out as already ahead of itself as already in the world along .... 2. Dasein si always dasein 3. paragraph 44, on truth is so important 1. paragraph 43 which is a question of the external world \ 1. tries to ground truth, as truth as the notion of disclosure 2. Truth as disclosure 1. grounds truth as correspondence 2. other is that truth belongs to Dasein 4. Interesting existenielle nature of fleeing oneself, the more it is done the more precisely ones own existence presses on oneself
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Particular structure of dasein itself which allows dasein to being itself fully into view 6. Being towards death is a key element that makrs the life of dasein 7. we recongice that factualy we die too 8. the possibility of its own impossibility 9. Possibility of impossibility 1. ownmost – eigenst 2. nonrelationality 3. inevitability 4. not-to-be-outstripped *this is what makes Heidegger out to be a radical individualist, contributes to authenticity as something to be a part of the crowd 1. particular reading that is not careful enough 2. Nonrelationality means ; same thing as non relationality as the pasage that he just expicated 3....
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