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Character Azar Mary Anne Linda Major Actions Kills a puppy that curt Lemon liked to carry around and could not understand why everyone was upset with him She came to war to help out because she was a soldier’s girlfriend and she gradually changed and joined the Greene Barrettes She was Tim’s first love when they were nine she was his first date too. She had a brain tumor and wore a red Santa Clause hat to cover up stitches, she died later in the year Significance He also gives chocolate to a Vietnamese boy in crutches so it shows that he has some heart. She changes from
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Unformatted text preview: an interesting and curious nave girl to a leader of a weird group after breaking up with her boyfriend. He went to visit her in the funeral home and she was his first real dead body. He is later reminded of her when he sees his first dead war body. What it tells us This shows that people will do a lot that they normally would not do because of the war. She shows how much war can change a person no matter what they are doing. No matter how long ago something happens it can still haunt you and give you dreams about it. Also to appreciate what you have....
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