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Boundaries are a condition of possibility from Freedom in the second chapter he is reflecting upon dasein's possibility his concept of facticity is much more directed towards objectivity, facticity is a structure of Dasein, it allows it to be its own there how does it grasp its own facticity, ---? ---> ontologically not factically Conscience ; that which allows Dasein to see itself as it is Conscience is not something that comes from the outside Heidegger wants to see conscious as an act of Dasein itself Resoluteness ; Conscience; it calls Dasein, conscience issues the call but the call comes from within, it is addressed to the self from the self The call issued from conscience is the call of care issued to itself the call of care to itself, not just care calling itself, but care calling itself out of its lostness in the they, to see itself as a being of factical possibility, it encounters itself as what it is, a being of possibility not a being of actuality
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